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Goats for a Year!

Wow! It's hard for us to believe we have had our sweet goats for a year now. They add so much to our lives and we are thankful for them every day. We frequently talk about how each one has her own unique personality. For example, Smiley is the first one to get milked in the morning and she typically goes for grain first and finishes up with carrots. Chuckles is next in line, and she is all about oats! Then she goes for the apples and likes to finish up with grain. She also prefers to eat out of the containers and not the feed try. Even when it is the exact same stuff! Happiness likes to chomp on carrots when they are fed in the evening, and Joy always tries to take the containers out of my hands. Stuffs her face right into them! One thing they all like are being petted and scratched. They get pretty possessive of "scratch time" and will jostle for space closest to the scratching hands. They also like their "cookies." These are little pieces of pressed alfalfa. They poke their heads into the feed shed whenever I go in there to see if they can sneak a cookie from the barrel.

We continue to get over a gallon a day of sweet, creamy milk. Our customers love it, as do we. Including Owyn who must get a bowl of milk twice a day. We have found lots of fun things to make with the milk, like yummy kefir, cheese, and the best ice cream! I never knew goats would open so many avenues. So, as summer is on the horizon, I am excited to see what the next year will bring us with our dear goat friends!

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