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The Giggling Goat Farm

Giggling Goat Farm, established in 2021 with the purchase of 40 acres in Norwood, Colorado, exemplifies land in partnership with the community. We aim to create opportunities for underserved youth and their families, marginalized populations, and disabled individuals. We want to help foster a love for the great outdoors and a deeper connection to the area in which they live. 

The Giggling Goat Farm creates an inclusive and educational space for individuals and communities to foster connections to the environment and each other through a small goat dairy, environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture practices and recreational programming. 

We believe in working as a partnership with our land and our community to create opportunities for a better future for all. We want to help foster a love for the earth and a deeper connection to the gifts we have. 

Interested in joining the GGF Team?

The Giggling Goat Farm is looking to incorporate local, regional and nation-wide expertise. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner, volunteer, intern or to learn more!


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