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The Fairy Forest And Friends


Say Hello to Smiley

Our First LaMancha Goat

Thank you Ronda - The Animal Whisperer

LaMancha goats are known for their sweet disposition and milk production. Smiley doesn't disappoint in either areas.

Quick Trip

Time warp through the forest

The Giggling Goat Farm is intended to be an immersive experience for all physical abilities looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of life


Todd Bittner

Assisted Slackline

Todd is taking time balancing life and his body on one of the three slacklines here on the farm

Ziplines and More

Adult Supervised Child Ziplines

The Giggling Goat Farm three ziplines specifically designed for children and one adult zipline. We will be expanding our adult offerings in the coming years.

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Photo Sep 15, 4 50 19 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 28, 8 18 00 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 08 2022, 8 49 08 AM.jpg
Photo Dec 08 2022, 8 48 04 AM.jpg
Photo Dec 09 2022, 7 34 16 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 28, 8 29 11 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 30 2022, 10 18 43 AM.jpg
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