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Meet the Dairy Team

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Meet the Giggling Goat Farm Diary Team: Smiley, Chuckles, Joy and Happiness

The GGF dairy team is currently made up of four LaMancha Goats. 

LaMancha, American breed of dairy goat known for its much-reduced external ears. The lineage of LaManchas is uncertain; their relation to goats of the La Mancha region of Spain is not proven. The breed was developed in the early 20th century on the West Coast of the United States from unusually short-eared goats believed to be descended from goats brought to California by Spanish missionaries. Those goats were bred to several other breeds, including Nubians and Alpines, until a distinctive American LaMancha breed was developed. Official recognition by the American Dairy Goat Association came in 1958.

True-bred LaManchas must have one of only two distinct ear types: “gopher ears,” which may be up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length but preferably are nonexistent; or “elf ears,” which have a maximum length of 2 inches (5 cm). Only bucks with gopher ears are accepted for breeding, as bucks with elf ears may sire “throwback” kids with standard longer ears. The face must be long and straight; a curved nose of the Nubian type disqualifies a specimen from the show ring.


LaManchas have a short and glossy coat with numerous color variations and patterns. They are considered a docile breed and are excellent producers of a milk that is high in fat and protein.

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Smiley loves a good snuggle session but make sure to not touch her legs (she can't stand that!). She's a sweet mother to the babies and knows she's living the dream at GGF!


Chuckles is always ready for a hug and a good snack - you can find her keeping watch over the babies or going to town on some Scrub Oak. Come visit Chuckles at the farm and absorb all her sweetness!

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Joy & Happiness

The "babies", Joy and Happiness embody everything their names depict. They are full of energy, constantly playing and keeping life on the farm entertaining. 

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