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The Giggling Goat Farm

Adventure for the Heart


About The Giggling Goat Farm

Giggling Goat Farm was established in 2021 with the purchase of 40 acres in Norwood, Colorado. We, Deb and Todd Bittner, fell in love with the area and the property we were fortunate enough to find and purchase. Our goal is to work with our land - caring for the earth, caring for people, and giving back surplus. We believe in working as a partnership with our land and our community to create opportunities for a better future for all. We want to help foster a love for the earth and a deeper connection to the gifts we have. 


Being disabled from birth and having overcome many obstacles in life, Todd is passionate about the opportunity to share Giggling Goat Farm with others who also face physical challenges – the goal being to make the farm accessible so all can experience the beauty and magic that happens here. Deb has spent her entire adult life giving to others and is eager to continue this path with Giggling Goat Farm, sharing her insights and passion for living things and the healing that brings.


Our goal is to work with local partners to incorporate sustainable farming, land stewardship, preservation of our precious resources and to pass this mindset to those who share in the adventures of Giggling Goat Farm. 

We welcome you in joining us in this adventure!

- The GGF Team

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Camping in the Woods



Telluride Academy


True North

Youth Program

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Norwood School


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