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Growing Dome

A growing start...

It all starts with seeds! Whether planting in a growing dome, or "seeding" relationships. The dome took on life in the spring of 2023 and has been a source of food for many, has taught many lessons in patience and wonder as we watched things grow. 

We are eager to see what fall brings as we plant new seeds!



Telluride Academy - enjoying the fairy forest!



Great gardening and compost go hand in hand. Compost is also part of the overall goal at Giggling Goat Farm. Our fabulous farm friends contribute to the rich compost which we use in our growing dome as well as around the property to help hold precious water when it comes. 

We are eager to make composting a bigger part of what we do at the farm. Stay tuned!


Sunset at the farm... of many breathtaking sunsets.

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