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We're giggling at Giggling Goat

At the start of it all, we decided on the name "Giggling Goat Farm." We had wonderful friends help us with logos and we had grand ideas on all we would do once we had goats. So, the first giggling was...that in fact, we had no goats. We now have lovely LaMancha goats that are amazing milkers and so very sweet! Another "giggler" is that they have no ears! So, our logo is not a full representation of our first sweet goats. So, we will just have to keep the gallery full of photos of Smiley, Chuckles, Joy and Happiness. Those are the doelings.

We also made the decision early on we needed to have chickens. They were all supposed to be hens, but one turned out to be a very robust rooster, we named Simone before we knew he was a he. And, Simone was indeed a rooster and did all the things a rooster is instinctually supposed to do; like crow, protect his turf, and mate the hens. In all his roostery-ness, he also had very large spurs. These took a toll on our dear hens and we had to make the decision to rehome him to a ranch where there were more hens and another rooster with which he could further his roosterness. We weren't giggling about the fact our hens were missing feathers down to the skin, so we are glad Simone has found a new home where hopefully all fowl are happier!

Owyn, our amazing Wolfadoodle (Wolfhound/Standard Poodle mix) puppy, is now going on six months. He loves his life on the farm. He thinks the chickens and goats should want to play with him at times, but we're learning that isn't a good idea. Especially as the doelings still have their horns! He is going to be a very big dog and makes a wonderful addition to Giggling Goat, and indeed, he makes us giggle most of the time!

Another subject about which we are "giggling" is that we are overrun with milk! We are getting quite a few eggs as well with our seven hens. They aren't all laying every day, but we do get at least five eggs daily. And we don't eat that many. We are also getting more than a gallon of milk a day. We have three freezers...they are all getting full of frozen milk. We have made various types of cheeses, lotion, and soap. The next creation on the list is Kefir. And we really have to figure out how to sell our products as we will simply be bursting at our seams soon! So, stay posted, we will have items in a "for sale" section soon!

And thanks for giggling along with us!

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